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Why you need Z19 air conditioner ?

(Limited Open Box) Z19 Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner (Without Battery)

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Mike Grochowski

Summer used to be my favorite time of year, I enjoyed the heat and the sun. As I am approaching 50 years old menopause is slowly paying me a visit which means hot flashes!!! 🥵 With 4th of July coming up which means sitting outside in high heat I knew I had to find something to help cool me off while outdoor. After a lot of research, I decided to buy the Zero Breeze Z19 outdoor air conditioner. Let me just say WOW!! This unit is amazing in so many different ways. Not only did it keep me cool in 90 degree heat, but it also allowed me to charge my phone and play music superb product, and for keeping me cool during these hot days.


I was concerned about the high cost of this item. But it works great. I have a small van for camping and it cools it down very well.
It is awesome that it functions with 12v and with 120v. It has a nifty light and I guess I missed it in the description about the Bluetooth speaker, now how cool is that.
This is better than the seen on tv individual cooler.

Kelly Garvy

My unit arrived today in Arlington via UPS. Was very happy with the low weight as my wife will be using this at outside gigs and we'll run it off a generator if no power outlets are available. Turned on and it did take about 10 minutes to get truly cold air out. No thermometer - just going by feeling. Will run it outside during a face painting gig tomorrow to give it a test of the purpose we bought it for. Nicely packaged product, good manual. So far, so good.

Arlington VA
Adrian Ortiz

Quickly reply and great customer service. This is a reliable shop and I received mine in 7days. Easy to assemble. Working like a charm. Cold air. Not too loud at all. Impressed!

Orlando, FL
Jonathan Barreneche

I just got my Zerobreeze. It works great! I’m now feeling cozy and refreshing with it in my tent. So awesome that the air is coming out fresh. The temperature around the front outlet is 53F, the ambient temperature is 89F. After an hour the temperature of this tent was 73F. I love it!

Los Angeles CA
John Teilhet

Just received mine. Out of the box, it was an easy assembly , didn't really need instructions for that part,but actually turning it on wasn't as intuitive, so I did refer to the instructions for that. It appears to be well made with clean smooth lines. So, initial first impression is good. I plugged it in and it's putting out cold air through the front and warm are through the back... I'm happy so far. I'll test it out in my travel trailer and see how it does there.

New York City