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Provide the best outdoor technology for the explorers and inspire a global movement of exploration.

——Zero Breeze Mission

About Zero Breeze

Zero Breeze is a new and creative technology Inc. founded in March of 2014. The inspiration for Zero Breeze comes from an outdoor activity enthusiast founder Arvin. He enjoyed spending his time outside even through summer; however, it made him feel sweaty and restless. He attempted on discovering an air conditioner for outdoor trips on the market but had no luck.

Therefore, as a part-time technical geek, he shared his idea amongst his team and started to develop the early modeling of Zero Breeze. By breaking traditional concepts of the fan or electronic cooling and achieving portable and DC powered compressor cooling, we've created an entirely functioning portable air conditioner. After numerous experiments and design optimization, The first Generation of Zero Breeze stepped foot in 2016. In the same year, the first portable air conditioning was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo; we received significant attention and support from backers. By the end of crowdfunding, USD 1,422,140 total funds raised.

Zero Breeze Shop is the FIRST and ONLY official distributor of the Zero Breeze brand. We open sales in March.2019 and Z19 is the first product on our website. The 2nd generation new model Z19-B is based on feedback from thousands of Zero Breeze users from around the world. That will be more powerful, colder to fight against the Summer Heat Wave in the outdoor travel and adventure trip.

Zero Breeze Shop promises all orders will be shipped within 2-3 BUSINESS days and it usually takes 3-7 BUSINESS days to arrive after shipping. Every customer enjoys a 7/24 customer inquiry service. Please message us at support@zerobreezeshop.com if you have any problems.

Company Address: 6140 North Hollywood Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89115, United States.